10 most popular addresses for Estonian companies

Added by Annegrete Peek 29/11/2018

This is another post in "Open Data and Data Journalism" series. What addresses are the most popular ones for companies? In the Business Register the comapny address is provided as a open data.

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Private Schools - How Popular Are They?

Added by Annegrete Peek 28/08/2018

In this "Open Data and Data Journalism" blog post will look more closely at educational issues. The school year is about to begin and we will explore how popular private schools are. Here we look at the Estonian five year trend and also zoom in at the last school year.

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What is the impact of border trading on local traffic?

Added by Annegrete Peek 22/06/2018

The third post in the "Open Data and Data Journalism" series explores the impact of border trading on traffic. In more detail, we will look at how the number for traffic violations and accidents have changed near Valga and Ikla border crossing points and in the rest of Estonia.

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How is Estonia doing in International Comparison?

Added by Maarja Toots 12/06/2018

How to assess Estonia’s progress as regards open data? One way to understand our position is to see what Estonia looks like in international comparison. Participation (and advancing) in international surveys and rankings is therefore one of the main activities of the ongoing project "Advancing the Use of Open Data.

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Save the Date! Open Data Information Day on 27 September 2018

Added by Maarja Toots 11/06/2018

What is open data and what is its practical value? What is the difference between open data and public data? Are all public sector data open data? Should they be? And how does personal data fit into the picture?

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New Project to Advance Open Data in Estonia

Added by admin 07/06/2018

A new large-scale initiative “Advancing the Use of Open Data” was launched this February with the aim to stimulate the supply and use of open data in Estonia in the next three years. The project is implemented by Open Knowledge Estonia in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

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Water in our pools

Added by Annegrete 07/04/2018

This is the second post in "Open Data and Data Journalism" series. This time we will look at the data of water samples of the Health Board and we will investigate the quality of water in Estonian swimming pools and water parks.

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Who is the one speeding?

Added by Annegrete 18/03/2018

New blog post series “Open Data Journalism” will open with this post. The goal of this series is to analyze open data and give examples of what can be answered. Mainly I will use open data from OKEE Github, here you can add your open data needs and known sources. First post will be about Estonian Police data bounded with Road Administration data to answer hypothesis about speeding.

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