How is Estonia doing in International Comparison?

Added by Maarja Toots 2018/06/12

How to assess Estonia’s progress as regards open data? One way to understand our position is to see what Estonia looks like in international comparison. Participation (and advancing) in international surveys and rankings is therefore one of the main activities of the ongoing project "Advancing the Use of Open Data".

This year, Estonia is taking part in three surveys where we have already participated before:

European Data Portal (EDP) Landscaping Survey

EDP evaluates countries’ progress in four aspects: open data policy framework, open data impact, national Open Data Portal (functions, usage activity, etc.), and open data quality. Data collection for the 2018 survey has already begun and the results should be available by the end of this year. Until then, those interested can take a look at the last year’s report:

OECD OURData Index on Open Government Data

Similarly to the EDP survey, the OECD index incorporates several different dimensions, from the general open data strategy and policy framework to the availability of specific open data sets. Data collection for this year’s survey should begin later this summer, more information on OECD’s approach can be found here:

Open Data Barometer

The Open Data Barometer, curated by the World Wide Web Foundation, also takes a rather broad view on open data, examining open data policy and actual policy implementation, open data availability and accessibility, formats, licenses, etc. A special attention is devoted to measuring the availability of certain specific data (e.g. laws, national budget data, environmental data, public procurement, national statistics, etc.). More information:

In addition to these three ’traditional’ surveys, Estonia strives to enter another survey this year – the Open Knowledge Foundation Network’s Open Data Index, which aims to give a thorough comparative overview of the availability and quality of specific open data sets in the participating countries. Datasets of particular interest include, for instance, data about national laws and draft legislation, government budget, public procurement, air and water quality, national maps, company register core data, etc.). More information on the barometer:

So, how has Estonia done in all of those rankings so far?

Well, this is a longer story that we will tell you soon in a separate post!

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